Advanced Incentivizer Training

6 Lessons Advanced

In the Advanced Training Area, you'll be learning some cool new things exclusive to the Incentivizer Content Monetization Software.

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Short, Intro video overview of what you'll be learning in this section.

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Using Any Content On The Web

Learn how to use this incredibly powerful feature of the Incentivizer - it's ability to allow you to "Lock" any content on the web.

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Using the On-Click Feature

Learn how to put your content monetization into overdrive with this unique feature exclusive to the Incentivizer.

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Paypal Best Practices

Learn to monetize your content using Paypal - the right way!

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Smart Pricing Strategies

Learn how to price your content intelligently when using Paypal or Stripe, so you can earn more money!

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Creating a Paypal Sandbox Account

Learn how to create a Paypal Sandbox Account so you can test your transactions.