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Welcome to the Traffic Training Area. Here you'll learn effective ways to generate traffic to your sites and offers. This section will remain a work in progress. So, check here often for updates!

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How to Get Traffic With SEO

Learn how to get FREE Traffic using Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) - the smart way I recommend!

Get Traffic with NO SEO

Don't like or care for SEO Traffic? No problem! This is a powerful method I learned from Chris Munch after purchasing one of his programs for several thousand dollars. Additionally, I actually provide this as a paid service for clients. Now you can learn it here for FREE!

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How to Get 6000 Leads & Subscribers Each Month

Want to learn how to easily create a HUGE list of thousands of subscribers and leads - for only pennies? Watch this training, then use it to build your list and send tons of traffic to your offers!

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13 Lessons

Cost per View (CPV)

This is part of the training I did during the time I was a coach in CPA Evolution. It's now outdated and here for reference only as many of the concepts are still applicable. I will be replacing it with Youtube(tm) Training soon.