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Welcome to the Support Hub! This is where you can get support for your product(s) and answers to your Frequently Asked Questions.

IMPORTANT -- To make getting support fast and pleasant, please reference the videos and documentation first. You'll find most of your questions are answered there.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I add the software to more than one domain?

- Yes. The Unlimited License version allows you to install and use the software on as many domains as you want.

2. Can I use both CPA Lockers AND Paypal/Stripe Lockers on my site?

- Yes. However, I recommend you only use one Monetization method on your site to avoid confusing your visitors.

3. How can I prevent seeing lockers on my own sites and content? 

- To avoid seeing lockers, overlay, and engagers on your content; simply add your IP Address to the software.

4. Can I use the Incentivizer Software Script on a WordPress site?

- Yes. And in order for it to work properly, you must use it with our companion Plugin. You can download the plugin in the "Download Software" area.

5. Will the Software continue to function if I get a refund?

- No, the Software will cease to function.

6. Do you offer 1 -on- 1 Coaching?

- No, not at this time.

7. I found a "Bug" in the Software. Where can I report it?

- You can report any bugs or issues to: support [~at~] incentivizer [~dot~] io
(replace the "[~at~]" with "@"; and the "[~dot~]" with ".")

8. I have an idea for a good feature for the Software! Can you add it?

- We will consider adding new features if it's practical and fits the original scope of the Software. You can send your suggestions to: support [~at~] incentivizer [~dot~] io
(replace the "[~at~]" with "@"; and the "[~dot~]" with ".")

9. When I navigate to 'activate.php' or 'install.php' I get a message that reads the file is corrupted.

- This has the following likely causes:

A) The files have indeed become corrupted. This can sometimes happen as files are downloaded and uploaded. What you need to do is simply delete all the files; then log in to the Member's Area and re-download everything again. Finally, re-start the installation process from the beginning.

B) You have Uploaded the files to your Server in ASCII (Text) Format. You need to upload them in BINARY format. This is typically done automatically by the FTP Utility Software you are using (example: FileZilla). Just find the proper setting in the FTP Utility you are using and set it to "Binary" or "Auto-Detect" (if available).

C) If neither "A" nor "B" are the case, then it is likely that your server is running an outdated version of the Ioncube Loaders. Contact your web host's technical support department and ask them to update the Loaders to the latest version. They can also do this using a Custom PHP.INI File. They know what that is. NOTE: This is a Technical Issue on your server. It is NOT an issue with the Incentivizer. So, be sure to contact the Technical Support Department on your host. If necessary, escalate the issue to a Qualified Tech-Support Specialist - NOT "Customer Service", NOT the "Sales Department". That's why they are there. You already pay them for Technical Support.


How to Get Support


1.  Watch the Tutorials and How-To Videos -- These videos cover all topics and contain in-depth information related to the Incentivizer software. They are easy to watch, and simple to follow; and should be the first place you reference.

NOTE: Eventually, I will be removing all *Written* Help documentation and will only provide video tutorials.

2. Read the Help File(s) -- The help files contain almost as much information as the Tutorials and How-to videos. If you prefer to read, then this is where to obtain help. You can either reference (A), the Help File within the Administrative area of your Incentivizer Software; or (B), the PDF Help File included in the downloaded folder of your software files.

NOTE: Eventually, I will be removing all *Written* Help documentation and will only provide video tutorials.

3. Support Email Address

If in the rare occasion your issue isn't solved by either watching the tutorial/how-to videos or referencing the Help files, then you can contact us at: support{~at~} (replace the "{~at~}" with "@").

Support Hours: Monday through Friday; 10 AM to 5 PM EST (Excluding Holidays)

I try to answer all questions within 24 to 48 hours. Please be patient during this time.

IMPORTANT! In order to get the fastest response, please keep your questions relevant to software and products you purchased. Thank you!